Mold Problems


If you have a water-damaged area that is left untreated for more than 24-48 hours, it is possible you have mold, even if it is not clearly visible. Mold needs to be treated and the water problem fixed as soon as possible because of its associated health risks. Mold can become a health problem when mold spores land on surfaces that are wet. When this happens, mold starts to grow and contaminates the air with allergens, irritants and in some cases, toxic substances. Health problems can range from moderate to severe allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, itching, and asthma.

Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., Mold Remediation Technicians have been removing mold for over ten years in the New Jersey area. We incorporate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines into our Mold Remediation Process to not only eliminate mold growth, but also prevent future mold growth. Amazonia's Mold Remediation Technicians take every precaution not to spread mold to other areas of your home.

Our comprehensive Mold Remediation Process includes Mold Containment, Mold Abatement, the installation of Humidex and other humidity control devices, and lifetime warranted waterproofed basement.

Amazonia Waterproofing tailors our Mold Remediation Process specifically for your home. You can read more about Mold Remediation and about our general process by reviewing the steps of our Mold Remediation Process.

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